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Conrad Haberland was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He lived his teenage years in a working class section of Lowell, Massachusetts and moved to Los Angeles in 1989 where he currently lives with his wife Amy. A self-taught artist, he played in various punk bands opening for Jim Carroll and The Pixies and traveled the world to see all the art he had only seen in books.

From an early age, Conrad watched his father painting. Emulating his palette, he started drawing on anything he could get his hands on. His parents’ dual beliefs also had a profound effect on his work. His mother was devoutly Catholic with a strong belief in Indonesian folklore. She summoned a witch doctor for one of Conrad’s childhood illnesses. His father was a Zen Buddhist.

Conrad’s artwork is Pop Surrealism and his unique brushwork is a result of hereditary tremors in his hands which he has learned to work with over the years.

Conrad has been exhibiting his work since 1989, appearing in over 25 shows. His portraits have been commissioned by celebrities and CEOs alike.

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